OBS! Om ni sätter in 1000 kr eller kan Betspawn begära att du skickar in dokument för att stärka din identitet innan din bonus kommer. Om du sätter in 999 kr får du bonusen direkt. Valet är ditt!

To celebrate that you are here, we’d like to offer you a 100% bonus up to €133.7 (1337 SEK) on you first deposit!

Claiming your bonus is really simple. Click on your profile and look for the bonus tab. Once there, just choose your bonus and press ”Claim”, and then proceed with your deposit.

Note: If you do not press ”Claim” before the deposit, you will not get the bonus. Also, make sure you read the bonus rules first!


Bonus rules:

  1. 1) The wagering requirement for the bonus is 6x the deposit + bonus. For example: You deposited SEK 500, and received an extra bonus of SEK 500. To be able to withdraw your bonus money, you will have to wager a total of 6 * (500 + 500) = SEK 6 000.
  2. 2) The minimum odds for your bets is 1.5. The bonus money cannot be placed on odds below 1.5. If you try to, you might get an error code.
  3. 3) You can bet on any esports, and any set of multiples.
  4. 4) You have 90 days to make your wagers.
  5. 5) Minimum bonus: 100 SEK, 100 NOK, €10, or £10
  6. 6) Maximum bonus: 1337 SEK, 1337 NOK, €133.7, or £133.7
  7. 7) You have to make the deposit from a desktop, not from a mobile device
  8. 8) The bonus will only be given on your first deposit
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